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Low Carb  High Protein  Keto Friendly  Gluten Free  Breadless Croutons
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Oat & Berry

Shrewd Food’s crunchy, bite-sized Oat & Chip Protein Cookies have more than just delicious flavor to keep your family asking for more; they have the nutrients of seven fruits and veggies. You and your kids will never know that these have great macros, unless you read the bag and look. 1B count probiotics and prebiotics plus 8g protein makes these a winner for anyone who’s got a sweet tooth and loves chocolate.

Oat & Berry

Shrewd Food’s Oat & Berry bite sized cookie with a crunch is so tasty and delicious that you wont even believe they’re healthy! They contain 8g protein as well as 1B count probiotics and prebiotics and have the nutrients of one serving of ten fruits and veggies (which you would never know they’re in there unless you read the bag!). Made sweet from fruit pieces and crispy from the oats, they will be your new favorite cookie hands down, unless they’re already dunking into your milk glass! 8g protein makes these a winner!

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