French Onion Protein Croutons

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Gluten Free . 2g Carb . 9g Protein . Keto Friendly
Shrewd Food Protein Croutons in the irresistible French Onion flavor! Indulge in the ultimate guilt-free snacking experience with these breadless wonders. Each serving contains just 2g of carbs and a whopping 9g of protein, making them the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals. With a mere 70 calories per serving, these gluten-free and peanut-free croutons will tantalize your taste buds without compromising your goals. Embrace the keto-friendly lifestyle as you savor the crispy texture and rich French Onion flavor, all while enjoying the convenience of approx. 23 croutons per serving. Upgrade your salads, soups, and snacks with this innovative, protein-packed delight!
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