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Shrewd Food snacks are deliciously crafted so that you’re eating healthier while at the same time not sacrificing taste, texture or quality. Our line of High protein, low fat, low carb and low sugar snacks are the perfect combination of smart, healthy and tasty. We offer the perfect variety of different snacks for the most shrewd snackers like,  Protein Puffs, Protein Croutons, Protein Dippers, Keto Dippers and Protein Cookies. We invite you to explore our healthy snacks and give each Shrewd one a try.

shrewd food protein puffs brick oven pizza flavor bag

Protein Puffs

shrewd food protein croutons bag

Protein Croutons

shrewd food protein dippers bag

Protein Dippers

shrewd food keto dippers bag

Keto Dippers

shrewd food protein cookies oat and chip flavor bag

Protein Cookies

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Our crunchy and satisfying protein puffs come in 7 delish flavors: Brick Oven Pizza, Baked Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, Sriracha Cheddar, Strawberries & Cream, and Cookies & Cream! In addition to our delicious Protein Puffs, we even have Protein Croutons in zesty Parmesan Herb flavor for the Shrewdest of salad lovers! For the shrewd chocoholics out there we’ve created the decadent Protein Dippers which are offered in 2 rich, chocolatey flavors: dark chocolate and milk chocolate.To satisfy the Shrewd cookie lover in you, we now have 2 protein cookies with impressive stats that are offered in two yummiest  flavors: oat & chip and oat & berry. Through our newest addition to the functional food category,  We have also crafted a new product line for those following a ketogenic way of life! Our Keto Dippers come in 2  mouthwatering flavors: dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Check out all these flavors and explore all of our products. All snacks are available in different sizes and can be shipped right to your doorstep with standard and expedited delivery options.
Shrewd Food brick oven pizza flavored protein puffs bag

Brick Oven Pizza

Shrewd Food baked cheddar flavored protein puffs bag

Baked Cheddar

shrewd food nacho cheese flavored protein puffs bag

Nacho Cheese

shrewd food sour cream and onion flavored protein puffs bag

Sour Cream & Onion

shrewd food sriracha cheddar flavored protein puffs bag

Sriracha Cheddar

shrewd food strawberries and cream flavored protein puffs bag

Strawberries & Cream

shrewd food cookies and cream flavored protein puffs bag

Cookies & Cream

shrewd food protein cookies

Protein Cookies Variety Pack

shrewd food parmesan herb protein croutons bag

Parmesan Herb Croutons

keto dippers dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate Keto Dippers

keto dippers milk chocolate

Milk Chocolate Keto Dippers

dark chocolate protein dippers

Dark Chocolate Dippers

milk chocolate milk dippers

Milk Chocolate Dippers

protein puffs variety pack

Puffs Variety Pack

strawberries and cream flavor and cookies and cream flavor protein puffs

Protein Puffs Sweet Variety Pack