Variety Is The Spice of Life and Shrewd Food Delivers

These days, it can be hard to find a healthy, quick snack that is low carb, protein-packed and tastes great, until we found Shrewd Foods Protein Puffs. These are only 90 calories, 14g protein, and 2g carbs! And the best part? They taste amazing. As students, we are always on the go and trying to eat healthy while dealing with our busy schedules. By snacking on Protein Puffs we feel satisfied and know we are not sacrificing the salty and sweet flavor that we enjoy. 


They have an array of flavors from Nacho Cheese, Brick Over Pizza, Sour Cream & Onion, Cookies & Cream, Siracusa Cheddar and even Parmesan-Herb Croutons! We can be picked when it comes to what we snack on and there truly do not disappoint. 


Our favorite flavor sour cream and onion lives up to the hype! The difference between protein puffs to other sour cream and onion flavored products begins with their authentic onion flavor. Unlike traditional sour cream and onion flavored snacks, protein puffs taste real because of no artificial flavors or colors from other sources.


If you love cheese….you will love the nacho and baked cheddar flavored protein puffs! The real cheese flavor is unbeatable in comparison to some of your favorite childhood snacks. The main difference between these two flavors is nacho is a sharp cheddar flavor meanwhile, baked cheddar is a bit more subtle. At 90 calories this cheesy treat will live up to your puffs craving without the guilt.


Everyone knows how much we love pizza? imagine taking a bite out of your favorite pizzas crust and you have the brick oven protein crisps! These were delightful and healthy spin on an American favorite.


FOR THE SPICE LOVERS… Sriracha Cheddar hits all of the taste buds. This flavor is so uniquely different from the others from its vivid Sriracha flavor. If you love spice and crunch these are a win.


 On the decadent side, shrewd foods have provided their puffs in cookies and cream and strawberries and cream! These are a delightful treat for someone who wants to cure their sweet tooth without the added artificial flavors. Additionally, all puffs are created without egg, soy, peanuts or tree nuts! These make a great treat for anyone.


Lastly, Parmesan crouton can make your salad a little less lame and a little more crunchy. These croutons can amp up any salad with their powerful flavor. The best part? They’re not fried. 


They set a new standard for snacking and we cannot wait to see what Shrewd Foods drops next!