The Best Keto Grocery List

When it comes to shopping for your keto lifestyle, it is as simple as can be! You just have to know what you want to eat. The best way is to compile a list of all the ingredients you need for that week or the next two weeks to save on multiple trips to the grocery store. I usually go through some of my favorite cookbooks such as “The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners” and “Simply Keto” just to list a few, to gather ideas. I also love exploring the Internet for recipes that I would like to try. It’s always fun discovering new recipes and tweaking to make it your own.

You want to get the basics when it comes to preparing keto meals, that way your pantry would be stocked and ready for cooking. I love using avocado oil versus any other oils. The food cooks better and healthier at the same. Some people also like using coconut or hazelnut oil. There’s also cocoa butter, olive oil, and ghee. It’s completely your preference. There are some things that I like using extra-virgin olive oil for, such as stir-frying of vegetables. Some vegetables you can get are cauliflower, avocado, broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, kale, arugula, eggplant, artichokes, lettuce, zucchini, okra, tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts. There are many others but this is just a few that I like having in my fridge. Just remember, the lower the carbs, the better!

Now let’s get to the main course! And I mean meat and fish! Just a reminder, this is my dietary preferences; everyone has a different palate. Organic chicken, chicken thighs, skirt steak, pork chops, duck, turkey, ground beef, bacon, salmon, shrimp, scallions, and tuna are all great keto options. Like I’ve mentioned before, it all depends on what you want to cook and what is required for the meal. If you are unsure if specific meat or fish is considered keto-friendly, you can always pull out your phone and do a quick search.

You can grab some eggs, almonds, and coconut flour to add to your grocery list. I always make sure I have chicken broth, bone broth, Tabasco sauce, and keto-friendly ketchup in my pantry. I also love a good keto-friendly barbeque sauce, which I usually add to my cauliflower. I always have almond butter and macadamia nut butter on hand; those come in handy when you are craving a late-night scoop. You can also use peanut and coconut butter if you’d like. These are all considered unsweetened nut butter. Now on to the fruits! You can get strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, lemon, lime, and kiwi just to name a few.

When it comes to dairy, I always have heavy cream, butter, sour cream, and soft and hard cheeses. I love making a yogurt parfait for breakfast and I usually use Greek yogurt and top it off with fruits of my choice. I like using almond and coconut milk when making my coffee in the mornings. It all depends on what flavor I feel like drinking.

For my baking necessities, I always make sure I am stocked with almond and coconut flour. I use almond flour for making my keto bagels. I also use “Lily’s Chocolate Chips” along with baking cocoa powder for my chocolate desires. These are great sugar-free chocolates to incorporate into your baking.

We cannot forget about snacks. Of course, anything Shrewd Food is the perfect snack! But, you can also snack on almonds, walnuts, macadamias, and sunflower seeds. Chia seeds and flaxseeds are also keto-friendly. The healthier the snack, the better!

Don’t forget to scan your grocery recipes on the app “Fetch” to get points and coupons on your most shopped items. Who doesn’t like a good deal when it comes to keto grocery shopping! You can splurge and save at the same time!



My name is Melissa Kalloo (@melissa_kalloo). I am a content creator and TV Host. I love cooking, baking, and finding new healthy things to snack on during my Netflix and chill. I love working out and spending time with my brother who has a disability. That’s why it’s really important for me to find healthy food and snacks that are clean and enjoyable for both of us – like Shrewd Food!