Staying Healthy During Quarantine

Quarantine? I never thought I’d know her but here we are! I have to admit, in the beginning, I was all about my comfort snacks, lots of chocolate, boxes upon boxes of donuts; you’d think I’d never seen an apple or banana in my life. I kept telling myself, “it’s okay, times are weird and tough” and I started to feel lethargic and unmotivated. But I was tired of making excuses for myself. Instead of completely forgoing my comfort foods or my healthy snacks I decided to meet myself in the middle. I wanted to stay healthy while still allowing a treat here and there.

So I made some changes to stay healthy because this quarantine isn’t going anywhere fast. No, I didn’t ditch my donuts completely, but I started limiting them to maybe one or two every other weekend. I mean, come on, they’re donuts (you know, the chocolate frosted ones with chocolate cake on the inside?) haha. I started with re-incorporating fruits and vegetables into my diet! Instead of a bag of chips for a snack, I’d break out some strawberries with a sprinkle of sugar, add them to any meal and add it to all my salads (also I started eating salads again!).

I also brought back my routines! Since I’m home more it’s so easy to open the fridge and lose count how many trips I made there. I started keeping a better schedule and making healthier snacks more accessible. That meant ditching my extra-sugary cookies for my once beloved Shrewd cookies! My favorite: oat and berry! They offer that sweet kick with the berries and are so crispy and the bag disappears quicker than it got here!

With my gym being closed and outdoor areas off-limits I needed to find ways to stay active. I invested in some resistance bands and all I can say is BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER! I found out there were so many fun

exercises to be done with them and it has been a lifesaver! You can do it all from the comfort of your home and it’s actually pretty challenging! I also started taking up my yoga a couple of times a week and not only did it help stretch out my muscles but it gave me the much needed mental clarity during this weird time.

I just needed to remind myself that self-care starts with staying active and healthy and in turn, I’d be happier! Don’t punish yourself for eating unhealthy or watching your favorite show all day, these are unchartered times that none of us have been in. Be easy on yourself and when you’re ready, reconnect with those healthy habits that you had pre-quarantine or find some new ones now, I know you can do it!

Happy snacking Shrewd Crew!




Zeinab O’Briant is a full-time content creator/blogger who advocates for inclusivity, positivity, and a healthy lifestyle. Her content creation is through the use of cosplaying and/or colorful posts. She loves to share recipes that she learned from her Lebanese family in her IG stories. You can follow her on Instagram @adventuresandthingamabobs for all kinds of fun content!