Shrewd Foodie Story: Rachel Morales

Boredom, sadness, and major life events are just a few things that can trigger stress eating. It happens to most, if not all of us. A common coping mechanism I know all too well. And now with most people at home, in quarantine, I can imagine the amount of stress eating happening on an hourly basis. It’s ok, be honest. You might even be emotionally eating right now as you are scrolling reading this. I’ll admit I have definitely had a day or two, or three of stress eating.


But I am trying to keep it healthy, while simultaneously keeping it together. So, these days I am snacking on Shrewd Food’s yummy treats. It is absolutely one of my go-to snacks. With a variety of sweet and savory flavors, these perfectly portioned protein puffs are spot-on for tackling any stress eating session.  They have simple, good ingredients and are super low in carbs and higher in protein. Just right for my keto lifestyle, and anyone looking to snack healthier.


In the past, I would use my negative or positive emotions as an excuse to grab whatever was in front of me. You know, a whole pack of cookies and/or a bag of chips. Maybe even some wings or pizza if I was really feeling like living on the edge.

But then I would feel super guilty afterward. It’s a vicious unhealthy cycle that I have worked hard to stay out of. 


One part of changing these habits is not only finding the right foods but finding great tasting foods. I don’t know about you, but just because I am eating healthier doesn’t mean I’m compromising on taste. If it doesn’t taste good, I can’t eat it. That’s why I appreciate Shrewd Food products. One of the benefits is knowing I am eating quality ingredients. My snack craving is satisfied, the protein keeps me fuller longer and I am still heading in the right direction to reach my goals! It’s honestly the best of both worlds. Making better choices and snacking without guilt.


 Shrewd Food’s chocolate dippers are my absolute favorite. They’re absolutely delicious. They have the perfect amount of chocolate and that crunch and light puff keep me coming back for more. The first time I tried them I was sold, it’s a must-try!


Now, I choose to keep my pantry stocked with Shrewd food protein puffs. They’re a perfect grab and go snack too. I can grab it and go straight to my couch and binge-watch some T.V.  Each bag is 1 serving, so I don’t have to worry about overeating.


As a mom of two, I take pleasure in finding healthy snacks my kids enjoy as well. Let’s face it kids stress eat too. Instead of waiting until they’re older to change their eating habits, I am working on showing my kids to go for the good foods now. The Nacho cheese puffs are my son’s favorite and I am happy to know he’s eating a great snack.


Those who know me, know I snack hard. As a child, I was never without a snack and as an adult, nothing much has changed. Except that now, I am more conscious about the foods I choose to eat, especially when I am emotional. Knowing yourself is part of the process and making sure you have the right foods to go to is just as important. I’ll always be a foodie at heart. But now I’m a Shrewd Foodie.


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