Shrewd Foodie Story: Maggie Huyhn

Here we are end of summer, which means it’s already that time of year. Back to school. But this time it’s much different than any other year, for most of us. Most of us are starting the year off with distance/virtual learning because of the pandemic. Luckily we got a little taste of distance learning last school year so we’re already a little ahead & know what to expect. Staying sane during this time will be difficult but I have a few tips & tricks that will help anyone, myself included, get through it.

The start of the year won’t be easy distance learning with my 5th grader. It’s been years since I was in that grade so it feels like I’m relearning everything with him. But we make it fun, play games to learn common core math problems, do fun science projects, last year we brainstormed a fun story together too. These are some ideas to help out our kids during this time, but what about us parents? We’re not teachers, some of us might even be going back to work ourselves. How do we get through this time without pulling out our hair while juggling all this? Sometimes it’s easier said than done but we need to really take time for ourselves, have “me” time. Whether it be going for a run, going to the gym (if open), or simply doing workouts at home (this is what I do). I always say when you workout first thing in the morning it really sets the mood for the rest of the day. It’s my favorite time of day. I do my workouts first thing in the morning, blasting some music. I call it the quiet before the storm. If those aren’t your kind of things maybe even go for a walk with your kid(s) to help them stay active too. Get outside & soak up that Vitamin D! Even it’s in your own driveway. Sunshine does the body, mind, & soul good.

Staying active is my top priority to boost my mood but with that you need good nutrition too. Having meals planned & healthy yummy snacks on hand are key to staying sane as well. I like to plan out my weekly dinners so I’m not scrambling to figure out what to make the kids & husband after the school day is over. Having them planned out definitely makes life easier. Not just that but having healthy snacks readily available for the kids helps out tremendously too. Shrewd food sour cream protein puffs are both my kids favorites & fun to crunch on while doing school work. I don’t feel guilty when they sit there eating a bag or two. Perfect little snacks! Very important to drink plenty of water too. Sometimes it’s super easy to forget to keep up with our water intake, so what I would do is get a water bottle that helps keep you on track. You know, those water bottles that have the times on it & sometimes encouraging words to help motivate you? Those water bottles are pure gold. What I like to do is add a scoop of my favorite electrolytes powder with some added Himalayan salt to my water. Makes drinking water more fun.

Lastly, one thing that definitely helps me out is checklists. Every morning or even the night before I plan out the next day making checklists of things that need to be done for school & my own daily chores around the house. Without these lists I would probably forget something crucial. Checklists are life and I highly recommend using them especially with our kids being home for school. They are a lifesaver! Never leave home without one.

I hope these fun tips & tricks help you out during this unusual time. Just remember this too shall pass & we WILL get through this. This is only a little blip in time but we will come out stronger than ever. You got this! 



Maggie Huyhn (@theketogenicmermaid): Maggie is a mom of two and has been living a Ketogenic Lifestyle for the last three years. When she’s not running around after her kids or playing the role of chauffeur, she’s in the kitchen baking or cooking up some keto goodies.