Shrewd Foodie Story: Lindsay C. Barry

I’m amazing at breakfast. I excel at it. Waffles (frozen, let’s not get too carried away here), eggs, and bacon for the kids. Eggs, bacon, toast, and ghee for me. And coffee…lots of coffee. The morning rolls along and I get my two boys ready for school, take the new puppy out multiple times and think about the day ahead, which as an executive assistant is filled with calls, emails, follow-ups, scheduling, generating and reading, and proofing documents…and did I mention the new puppy? Add school drop off and it’s a blur of eating and rushing, but I also manage to get it done. My daily problem is lunch, and that’s where Shrewd Food comes in.

Besides working a full-time job and being a mother, I’m also a published children’s book author. During any “downtime” I’m always brainstorming and marketing my books. Before I know it and more often than not, I feel that pang of hunger kicking in and I’m on the verge of grabbing whatever quick, sugary, or salty snack from the pantry that will be the fastest route to quelling the feeling I get when it’s been too long between meals or snacks. At least, that’s what I used to do before I discovered Shrewd Food.

Balancing family, work, my author’s life, and our new puppy feels like four full-time jobs, and quite frankly, there are not enough hours in the day. If I don’t eat correctly, I’m grouchy and just not functioning at the level I need to be to get everything completed that’s required of me. In short, a hangry mom is not a happy mom. So when Shrewd Food offers something quick, convenient, healthy, and super tasty, you can bet I order it in bulk!

My fistful of salt & vinegar chips has been replaced by delicious and crunchy Protein Puffs. My favorite savory flavors are Sour Cream & Onion and Brick Oven Pizza. When I get the hankering for something sweet, I grab the Dark Chocolate Protein Dippers, which are an amazing pick me up without any guilt. Each comes with lots of protein for a snack (14 grams and 10 grams respectively).

I’m obsessed with Shrewd Food because they somehow managed to combine the flavors I love with a good texture and a really good amount of protein that keeps me fueled. They actually have seven different flavors of Protein Puffs, which also come in a variety of packs. The Protein and Keto Dippers come in either dark or milk chocolate, and they even have croutons and cookies!

We hear the self-care message constantly these days, which I whole-heartedly agree with. We have to take care of ourselves before we can really take care of others. We’re not doing ourselves any favors by grabbing a handful of those fishy crackers, no matter how good they are. Why not go for something that tastes good and satisfies? That’s the crux of it for me. I can eat a ton of snacks – chips, pretzels, even cereal, but I never quite fill that hungry space unless I have some protein. I love that Shrewd Food saw the need and filled it (and my stomach).

I also feel great about giving my kids Shrewd Food as a snack. My youngest loves the Baked Cheddar Protein Puffs. They’re just as crunchy and yummy as similar items you’d find in the chip aisle but are packed with 14 grams of protein in a serving. The bags they come in are perfect for hikes or school day snacks and are easy for him to open.

My older son tends toward a sweeter snack, so he loves the Cookies & Cream Protein Puffs, with 13 grams of protein to fill him up. When I order, I also always include the Sriracha Cheddar flavor for my husband who likes something a little spicy. Shrewd Food also makes it super convenient to order online, something we can all appreciate.

If you’re a busy person and need a little help with your snack situation, I recommend you give Shrewd Food a try!


Lindsay’s Bio:

Lindsay C. Barry’s picture books The BackpackJourney to Constellation Station, and Becky and Kaia’s New Addition are available for purchase wherever books are sold. She developed her love of reading and writing at a young age, and even more so when she stumbled upon a magical world called Narnia. She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and has worked in advertising and executive search. But her first love has always been writing and education. Her mother, an English, drama, and creative writing teacher made sure that Barry’s love for the literary world was deeply ingrained from a young age. Barry lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, two sons, two cats, one Bearded Dragon, and one Boxer dog. Her sons inspire her life and writing every single day. She’s on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @lbarrybooks and