Shrewd Food, the next best snack that you MUST try

Shrewd Food, the next best snack that you MUST try!


So like most people I’m busy all the time. Busy with my family, my job, my friends, working out and eating healthy. It’s a constant challenge to find the time for the things that are important to me. I just found this great tasting new snack- Shrewd Food. It’s a high protein and low carb crunchy snack. Eating healthy to me means meal prep Sundays, protein shakes and a high protein/low carb snacks. Shrewd Food has become my go-to snack food for keeping my hunger satisfied and my healthy eating on track.


These fantastic tasting, high protein crisps are a winner! They are packed with protein, yet don’t sacrifice flavor. My favorite flavor is Sriracha Cheddar but the entire line up, from Cookies & Cream to Brickoven Pizza to Strawberries & Cream, are yummy. Whether you are craving sweets or savory, Shrewd Food has a flavor for your craving.  Before Shrewd Food, I couldn’t find a high protein crisp that is packed with flavor and didn’t taste like Styrofoam. They even have portion control size bags with 90 calories, 12g of protein and only 4g of sugar, which are perfect to add to your lunch or to throw in your bag if you are eating on-the-go.


I follow Shrewd Food Instagram and have found some great-tasting recipes, like Sriracha coated chicken.  I eat the Strawberries and Cream crisps with almond milk for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I add the Shrewd Food parmesan herb croutons to my spinach salad or, truthfully, sometimes I eat them right out of the bag! The sour cream and onion flavor taste just like sour cream and onion potato chips.  Shrewd Food is all the flavor without the calories.


I try to keep my mind and body fit by working out in a variety of ways and eating healthy. Working out for me can be in the gym, on a hike, or even in a kayak. I crave the same diversity with my food choices. There are days when I don’t want to get my protein snacks from meat, chicken or fish. That’s why I’m glad that I found Shrewd Food, as the high protein snack that is full of flavor and crunch!