Perfect, Practical, and Everything in Between

Somewhere along our fitness journey most of us learn that achieving a healthy lifestyle depends on our everyday actions, not just one quick fix.

However, oftentimes people think they need to nail EVERY aspect of their fitness transformation perfectly in order to see results… “Hit my protein goal, eat 5 meals a day, train 4 times a week, follow everything perfectly!” etc.

Our fitness journeys usually start with inspiration, which leads to motivation.

Motivation becomes more specific and when motivation starts to diminish, you learn to practice willpower and discipline.

If approached in a step by step manner, then over time, you will become so automated that each aspect (meals, workouts, etc.) will become habit and routine. It takes time, but it does get easier.

Have you ever noticed how some couples tackle a weight loss goal together? One overhauls their entire lifestyle, only to feel burnt out with little to no results. While the other changes something simple like cutting out soda, and continues to lose the weight over time. That’s because practicality leads to sustainability. When you merge health and fitness with your life using simple steps, it will lead to greater success.

As a coach, I create programs that look perfect on paper, but I know full and well that life comes first and that we have to merge the two the best we can! If your plan isn’t working in real life, then it’s not reasonable. I would rather someone nail the imperfect than create something perfect that they can’t stick to!

Of course, you have goals but take away the need to be perfect and focus on being practical because at the end of the day adherence is key. You can have the best diet and training plan, but if you don’t follow it, it will do nothing for you. No quick fixes here. We’re in this for the long haul!