New Year’s Resolution

You know that saying, “New Year, New Me!” Well, that’s absolutely right! There’s so much to be thankful for, to appreciate, and to improve in this upcoming year. There’s no harm in bringing over some things from last year, but leave room for creativity! What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? I am going to share some of mine with you; so sit back and grab a nice drink with a bag of Shrewd Food puffs!

My number one resolution is self-care! What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your body! What does “self-care” mean to you? I think it’s crucial to take care of your body and making a routine where you can stick to your goals. I like to start off my day with a nice cold jade face roller. A jade face roller is basically what it sounds like, a jade that’s on a stick that can you roll on your face. You can purchase these from Amazon or Target. It’s inexpensive and great to have.

I like to leave them in the fridge the night before so it’s nice and cold in the morning. As I am drinking my cup of tea or coffee, I lightly roll the roller on my face and under my eyes which help with boosting circulation, reducing puffiness, detoxifying my body with so many benefits. Other self-care tips of mine are making sure I have a great moisturizer for my face and skin, do at-home manicures and pedicures, and taking nice long baths once a week. Who doesn’t like having a nice bubble bath?

Now that we’ve covered some self-care tips, it’s time to take care of what’s on the inside. This can range from what you eat, to how you think, to what sparks that fire in your soul! Creating a New Year’s resolution for this was extremely important to me because life can really get in the way, whether you’re a parent, single, working, at-home quarantined, or so forth. Life is life, and there’s always something going on. Let’s break it down with what I mean about caring for your inner being!

Remember, what you put into your body can go a long way, and cooking and eating healthier is key. I started this last year and crossed over into this New Year. I found it easier to plan ahead of time what I want to eat throughout the day. I like to scroll through recipes at night to plan for what I would be cooking in the morning. This saves me a lot of time looking for breakfast recipes that same morning. Once, I’ve completed my morning routine, that’s when I get started on the cooking. I love to cook and share my recipes with everyone. It’s literally food for my soul! I can proudly say I am 75% on the keto diet and hopefully I can make it 100% before the year is done. Make sure to follow my “Keto In Naples” account on Instagram for all my recipes.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to drink more water this year. You can never go wrong with how much or how little water you consume. All that matters is you drink water. I wasn’t a fan of water growing up so it’s really hard for me to want to drink it.

I’ve purchased a motivational water bottle on Amazon that has different times of when you should drink it and when to refill. I found it to be really cool to motivate me. Plus I like to add lemon to flavor the water. I also drink one hot cup of lemon water in the morning when I get up. This is perfect for your digestive system and boosting your immunity.

Another resolution of mine is to workout more. Just move your body. You don’t have to go crazy but try not to get caught up with life. Move, move, move! Last year, I invested in a Peloton bike, and this year, I set goals for myself to make use of it. As I am watching my favorite shows, I try to do at least 30 minutes on the bike. If you have an actual bike, that’s even better. Get out and get some fresh air. But to get a great workout in, you don’t have to get all fancy with equipment. All you need is your smartphone and YouTube. There are a lot of great workout videos whether you’re a beginner or a pro. I like watching Pamela Reif’s workout videos. It’s fun and easy to do.

Meditation is another thing I want to do for the New Year. It’s important to set some time aside just to sit in silence, be one with your self and give your brain a break. I started listening to soothing music and sit on my bedroom floor for 15 minutes where I close my eyes and do little breathing exercises. This is great for your inner soul!

Another resolution of mine is smiling more. Surround yourself with great people whose smiles are contagious and who makes you laugh all the time. Delete all negativity from your life. Life is too short for anything but positivity. So say out loud, “so long negativity, see ya don’t want to be ya!” I love reading positive quotes and get my day going.

Open up when it comes to trying new things. It’s the little things in life that hold so much meaning. This will make you happy without you even knowing it. This year, I started journaling more than ever. I found that after I write what’s on my mind, my goals, things I did, things I want to achieve; I felt so much better as if a weight was lifted. This is a great way of not keeping things bottled up inside by getting it all out on paper. Who knows, you can be the next New York Times Best Selling Author!

So when you sit down to write your goals and New Year’s Resolutions make sure you think of things that you’ll enjoy and indulge in the little things that make you happy. Check off goals as you’ve achieved them and don’t be afraid of creating new ones. Remember there’s no limit to what you want to conquer for this New Year. The only person who can hold you back is YOU! So set your goals high and have fun while you’re conquering them! As I am writing this blog post for you, I am indulging in my favorite bag of Shrewd Food “Sriracha Cheddar” puffs! Now, you can’t go wrong with that!




My name is Melissa Kalloo (@melissa_kalloo). I am a content creator and TV Host. I love cooking, baking, and finding new healthy things to snack on during my Netflix and chill. I love working out and spending time with my brother who has a disability. That’s why it’s really important for me to find healthy food and snacks that are clean and enjoyable for both of us – like Shrewd Food!