My Commitment To Change Brought Me More Contentment Than I Ever Imagined

dad and mom on the side, baby in the middle sleeping

I believe as women, we are born with an instinct to pour ourselves into those around us. We fill them with love, devotion, our time and sometimes we are left empty of our accomplishments. That’s where I started almost two years ago when I decided to change my lifestyle. Let’s chat.


In 2018, right before my 40th birthday, I committed to putting health and self-care back into the equation. I’d been a mom and a wife for 20 years, and I cherish those titles, but I tossed my own needs out the window. It showed on my body, my mental state, and my confidence.

I discovered the ketogenic way of eating in April of 2018 and I’ve never looked back. By August of last year, through a combination of exercise and low carb eating, I’d lost 40 pounds. At less than 15 pounds from my goal weight, I still wasn’t satisfied. In October of 2018, I was still losing, at a slower pace, but my focus turned more toward fitness goals and reevaluating my way of eating. I wasn’t hitting my daily protein numbers or my calorie intake. I was losing chunks of my hair and I knew something had to change. It was time to re-establish my goals and where I saw this lifestyle taking me. This is where Shrewd Food came into the picture. 


I can meal prep and plan all day long, but things happen. And one can only live on bun-less hamburgers for so long – I wanted options. Shrewd Food protein puffs are one of the snacks I relied on to help me hit my protein macros and simultaneously fit into my fast-paced lifestyle. At all times, you can find a pack of tuna, a bag of Nacho or Brick oven Pizza Shrewd Food protein puffs, and beef jerky in my car, desk at work and purse. That fact might be embarrassing if those items weren’t so delicious – and real talk, a girl’s got to do what it takes to thrive.

So, now I’m here. I’m in a place of contentment with where I’m at, but at the same time, I’m full of determination to keep improving my health. I’m celebrating my victories each and every day. The same kids that I cheered for in every moment of their lives are now young men and the tides have turned. They are cheering and encouraging me. They are also stealing my protein puffs, so I guess this lifestyle is working for all of us.

The years of letting someone else’s victories and dreams (solely) be what defines me are over – it’s gone time. And I can’t wait to see what this body can do.