Keto Christmas Wish List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Are you ready yet? As you scratch people off your list, maybe you have a keto person in your life and you’re looking for a special gift for them – or maybe that special someone is YOU! Either way, you’re in the right spot. I’ve put together a Keto Christmas Wishlist that’s sure to have something every person on the ketogenic diet can use.

1. Keto Cookbook- This is a perfect place to start. Anyone living a ketogenic lifestyle is definitely looking for how-to recipes and inspiration, especially if you are a beginner. A few of my favorites are The One-Pot Ketogenic Diet Cookbook by Liz Williams, The Ketosis Diet by Leanne Vogel, and The Ketosis Guido cookbook by Vinny Guadagnino.

2. Air fryer – The appliance you never knew you needed, but surely can’t live without. This gadget is perfect for anyone, but for a person living that keto life, this is gold. You can cook almost anything in the air fryer from wings to steak to dessert! It’s a healthy alternative without having to sacrifice the crunch you love so much from traditional frying. It also gives the chef in your lifetime to work on something else without having to be in front of the stove. Just set it and forget it!

3. Mini waffle maker – This is like the holy grail for any person on a keto/low carb diet. From chaffles to waffles, this mini gadget can make a big impact in someone’s repertoire of food. This is one of my favorites and it’s such an affordable price (Mini Dash Waffle Maker is only $10) you can buy one for them and one for you!

4. Milk Frother- Good things DO come in small packages. As someone who drinks coffee multiple times a day and uses collagen and MCT powders, I don’t know how I would do without my milk frother. It mixes everything up so well and gives my coffee a nice, foamy texture. And when those Dalgona coffees were trending on Tik Tok, it helped me achieve the perfect whipped coffee (YUM).

5. Keto box subscriptions – This is a perfect gift for the keto-er in your life. Keto snack boxes give you a chance to try a variety of low-carb snacks without having to invest in products that you may not like. Keto Krate, The Keto Box, and My Ketosis Snack Box are a few monthly scores with 6-8 snacks that fit the keto diet.

6. Practical Kitchen Tools- A few of these are must-haves that will make life easier in the kitchen. One is a hamburger meat chopper, which makes it so easy to evenly break down the meat while you’re cooking it. It’s such a convenient tool. Another is an avocado slicer and an avocado saver to keep the other half fresh (no more brown avocados!). A good pizza cutter is also essential. Yes, keto peeps get pizza too with so many low-carb options! All of these would make a really cute gift basket and they’ll think of you every time they realize how easy these make their lives. Now that’s a winning gift!

7. Merch- You can’t go wrong with a fun graphic tee or a mug with a cool keto slogan on it. Or you can step outside the box and look for aprons, potholders, or kitchen towels.

8. Snacks- We can’t have a Keto Wishlist without including a few snacks! These are great stocking stuffers, or you can make a beautiful gift basket filled with these goodies.

1. Shrewd Food Chocolate Keto Dippers are a must (and they better be in my stocking this year!)

2. Lilly’s Chocolate bars

3. ChocZero Keto Bark

4. Munk Pak bars

5. Legendary Foods Tasty Pastries

6. Smart Cakes from Smart Baking Company

7. Stryve Biltong Beef Jerkey

I hope this wish list gives you some ideas for that special keto someone in your life – or for you to hint at for your own Christmas presents. If anything, it’s clear that there is something for everyone! I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!


Bio: Rachel Morales is an entrepreneur born and raised in NY. She is a married mother of 2 who understands the struggles that come with making healthy food choices. As a blogger sharing her ketogenic lifestyle and recipes, Rachel’s passion is to encourage others on their health and wellness journey. She finds healthy substitutions, shares tips and tricks, and is your personal taste tester, trying new foods to give them the green light.  You can follow her on Instagram @Its_keto_sis for more ideas and support.