How to Stay Fit Forever

When I was thinking of this topic, the first thing that came to my mind was how I started my business, KitBody. Staying fit forever depends on what’s important to you in the context of your own life. For example, if you’re an athlete and your performance is one of your top priorities, then what you consume to get that energy is also going to fall at the top of your priority list. In contrast, if you’re a pastry chef and it’s part of the job to taste all of your desserts to be sure they’re reflecting the correct flavor profile, you will surely be consuming more empty calories than the average person and will have to make up for those empty calories somewhere else. That is if staying fit is important to you. In either situation, balance and enjoyment can be created.

As a certified nutritionist with Precision Nutrition, I have put in the time and work to figure out what is right not only me but for others. Each and every one of us has different priorities in life, and major differences in likes and dislikes when it comes to food and exercise. Finding your sweet spot, and getting into your flow state is what will make living fit forever super easy. That is what I do with each and every one of my clients. I take the time to look at every aspect of their daily lives to figure out the perfect equation. One that creates a balance between all that they want and all of their goals.

The best advice I can give you is to enjoy everything in moderation. You may have heard this before, but it does really work. In my life, I like to use the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I am in my flow state, sitting in my sweet spot, doing all the things that are going to help me achieve my goals. That other 20% is where the fun is had, where anything goes. Yes, I am saying go ahead and enjoy that giant piece of chocolate cake or glass of wine every now and then (guilt-free). If you don’t give yourself the freedom to really enjoy life then you will always yo-yo back and forth between extremes. and that’s not healthy.

Staying fit forever has nothing to with diets or a crazy regimen. Simply put, it has everything to do with you, and that’s where you have to start. Write down what your top three priorities are in life, and then go from there. A cookie in one hand, cucumber in the other. It’s all about balance. If staying fit isn’t important to you, then you will never get fit. It’s really is as simple as that.



Caitlin Patricia Weiler (@kitcait) is an American, international actress, television and radio host, and print model. She competed in pageantry for 15 years, winning the prestigious title of World’s Perfect Miss in 2015. Caitlin also competed as a professional bodybuilder and powerlifter which segued her to attain a nutrition certification and establish her business KitBody. With KitBody, Caitlin coaches others from all across the nation, helping them achieve their personal health goals by providing fitness and nutrition consulting.