How to Eat Healthy/Low Carb While Traveling?

It’s that time of the year, travel season! A lot of us are on the road, traveling to be with loved ones for the holidays. Traveling can be a big hassle but sticking to your keto/low carb healthy diet doesn’t have to be. Take it from someone who is constantly traveling; you get bored or sick from eating crappy food on the road because it is accessible to us. I know I do. When I’m traveling from Naples to New York and I’m making pit stops for food and gas, it can be very frustrating to keep up with my newfound lifestyle. All the unhealthy snacks at the rest stops are screaming for me to buy them and then there are the fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Who can resist? I know I couldn’t at first but my body paid the price.

You see, when you start getting used to eating healthy, your body rejects unhealthy food. Giving in because you feel like you don’t have a choice is not doing your body good because you do, in fact, have a choice! My mom is my inspiration for packing a snack bag for these long trips. She would wake up early in the morning and cook hot meals and place them in a travel-heating bag to take on the road. That’s when I decided it was a great idea to do it with my healthy meals.

One thing that helps is to organize your travel schedule so you know what you’re taking with you on your trip. I usually have a small cooler and travel food bag that I freeze the night before to pack food in. Due to the pandemic, I no longer travel on a plane and instead, drive the distance. Safety is key! But if you are flying, make sure you carry things that are safe for your travels. If you are not sure, contact TSA to make sure you can travel with specific foods. The last thing you want is to pack something you really love and then have to discard it at the airport.

But, back to what I take with me on my trips! I love packing dry food such as Cut Da Carb Flatbreads that I put in my cooler. I have a 5-day cooler that I got from Target that keeps everything cold until I arrive at my destination. It not only keeps everything cold and fresh, but it saves me from constantly stopping for ice. I use the flatbreads for making my breakfast wraps or my dinner – they’re easy to pack and great to make meals with. I also take my favorite snacks like the fabulous Shrewd Food to munch on while I am driving. They’re way better than McDonald’s French fries and the best part is there are different sizes, which makes it really easy to throw in your bag and take on the go! Win-Win!

When I’m going to New York for a few months, I take the things I already have in my pantry, so that way I’m not wasting unnecessary money and nothing goes bad when I am gone. I plan ahead what meals I would like to make and then go to the grocery store once I’m there to get the things I couldn’t travel with (eggs, milk and cheese).

Planning what you are going to eat is the key to helping you stay on track! Taking the things that you can and that won’t spoil on the trip is also a great idea. And making your

meals before heading out saves you from eating bad junk food. These are just some of the things that I do to make sure I don’t fall out of my routine and stick to healthy eating! Go Keto, or Go Home! And I would like to go home for the holidays – and have my keto too!




My name is Melissa Kalloo (@melissa_kalloo). I am a content creator and TV Host. I love cooking, baking, and finding new healthy things to snack on during my Netflix and chill. I love working out and spending time with my brother who has a disability. That’s why it’s really important for me to find healthy food and snacks that are clean and enjoyable for both of us – like Shrewd Food!