Hi From Shrewd Food! We could use your skills, right about now…

Wanting to feel supercharged after a long hiatus break in 2020 but don’t know where to start? First off, put down that bag of chips and chocolate-covered pretzels. It’s been the only way we’ve all survived quarantine season all year long and now it’s time to make a big change. Being indoors most of the day and not getting enough sunlight has decreased soaking in that natural Vitamin D. Working or studying in the comfort of our Pj’s and stretchy pants gave such great comfort in knowing that our bellies can breathe and stretch a mile long without feeling any changes. All this was fine and dandy until the vaccines became available and we were told that going outside was safe. And some of us returned back to the office. Oh great, but that means dusting off those slacks and khakis that aren’t meant to squeeze in and stretch much to our desire! So then that was your big wake-up call. Time to lose some belly fat and weight FAST!!!
But how? Where do you even start? Well, one way to get back into shape while maintaining a healthy body is doing a keto diet. Keto who? Simply put, it’s a dietary change where you eat very low carb yet high-fat foods. You are cutting out sugar and staying away from cakes, ice cream, cookies….you get the idea. It’s where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. Fat becomes your sole energy source but this also means sacrificing the carbs and sugars out of your diet. Sounds hard? Well, not really. If you have that craving for chocolate, reach for some Keto Dippers from Shrewd Food!
If you’re going to snack on anything, might as well eat a snack that will work some good in your body rather than harm it. It has the same great taste without refined sugar and carbs. And. the best part is, your kids or spouse won’t even know that this cookie is healthy for them. Are you being deceiving by providing better snack options for your family? If it’s for the best, it’s your responsibility to lie and replace the bad with the good. After all, you are the superhero for making sure that everyone gets their vitamins and a nutritious well-balanced snack! I like how the Keto Dippers come in both Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. These are great to take when you are going on long car rides or an intense hike. It’ll keep you full yet energized and not guilty because it contains 7g of protein and only 3g of Net Carbs per serving.
Fighting off a craving is not easy but with the keto diet, you will eat less and still feel full. And in between your meals, you can always snack on some Shrewd Food Keto Dippers which will help keep you satisfied and less bored between lunch and dinner. No one wants to act like a rabbit and just sit there munching away in carrot sticks and kale all day. That is why it’s way more ideal and fun to grab a bag of Shrewd Food Keto Dippers and snack away without having to hide it from your kids. It’s a healthy snack that they will enjoy eating without having it taste like cardboard. Keto Dippers are free of artificial flavors, colors, and artificial sources for the perfect guilt-free, allergen-friendly snacks But don’t tell them all the details. Let them enjoy those cookies with you and keep their mouth busy while you smile back. So there you have it. Keto diet like a true superhero and still being a good mom with her bag of Keto Dippers!