Glad I Finally Realized That Balance Is The Key To Life

man doing the breakdance and surrounded by crowd

DIETS. Everyone is, was, or will be at some point in their life, on a diet. We have the coolest ways to access information right now. We can almost pretend we are our own nutritionist, you know like “yeah I’m totally sensitive to gluten, I think I should absolutely cut it out from my diet” Or “hey you know what?, I think I haven’t been paying attention to the ingredients in the foods I buy”, or   “I should be more observant of what I feed my family”… Either approach you take, hopefully, you’ll use your best judgment and even more so important, you will consult with your doctor. It is completely ok to read tons of diet books, and join the latest online 12-week challenge, download the calorie tracking app, follow all the weight- loss-related TV shows (Hello Dr. Oz!) and make dieting a vital part of your life.


 You can try the traditional low carb, or the highly debated, nothing-is- off-limits: the “if it’s fit your macros” method (IIFYM) or even the latest approach, fats only with Keto. Whatever form of nutrition preference you decide on, just know that there is still lots of homework to do, and at the end of the day, it comes down to trial and error. See what feels good to you, see how your sleep, mood, energy and alertness change, as those are usually good indicators you are doing something right!


But now after all the homework is done, the question still remains: How the heck does that fit into your crazy busy life? There is so much to remember, so much to calculate, it becomes quite a task really. Even knowing what is the right nutrition for YOU? How does it even make sense?? Or honestly, what do you even like and see yourself following the long term?


I feel like I’ve spent so many hours of my life trying to figure that out. From the good old days of Shape magazine subscriptions to following the hottest and most well-known insta-model and watching her every meal. Trying out different diets only to end up hating the foods that I was prepping (I mean till this day broccoli you are out of my kitchen!!)


As of today, I am happy to report that my diet days have actually become a lifestyle. I’ve incorporated the most life-changing mentality: everything in life is about BALANCE.

Balance to me is not obsessing over foods and calories but rather being mindful. I feel as if knowledge has made me a queen of nutrition, reigning over my own kingdom and the ultimate goal of my Empire is to achieve the more sought out treasure: happiness.

I count on exclusive food brands that understand my vision and share my appreciation to people’s well-being. I rely on good and convenient foods that fulfill my needs. Ever since my regimen is mostly about balance, I look at foods for what they basically are, macronutrients.


I always want to make sure I incorporate all forms of nutrients into my daily regimen. Surely, finding carbs is not an issue. But proteins and fats, might not be the case. In fact one of my biggest struggles has been finding sources of protein that I actually a- have in my kitchen, b- have the time to prep it and c- that I actually enjoy!

I’m literally on the go every single day, like most full time working moms! I can’t express how crucial it is to have access to those foods on the go, so when I first had the Shrewd Protein Puffs, I felt like finally, someone was paying attention! Finally, someone figured out that the protein bars are in fact NOT THE PROTEIN SNACK WE WANT. I mean, if pizza flavor protein puffs don’t have you running to the store to get some, then we can’t be friends! JK! We can, and as a friend, I will make sure you also find your balance, and better yet, your happiness.