Best Fat Sources for Keto

Welcome back to Shrewd Food, I’m Tito Dudley, also known as [Chef T], and today we’re discussing what the best fat choices are for your keto diet. In general, fat plays a crucial role in our bodies and it’s important to maintain a sufficient amount of fat to help keep our bodies in that homeostatic state; it’s all about finding balance for your individual needs.


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What is the role of healthy fats?

Fats are essential to our diet. Healthy Fats help your body absorb nutrients, as well as produce hormones. Fat can help with providing sustainable energy and maintaining your body’s temperature regulation. There are four categories to keep in mind when it comes to fat, such as Saturated Fats, Unsaturated Fats, Polyunsaturated Fats, and Trans Fats, all of which have a different [chemical structure] and respond differently in our bodies.


As mentioned before fats play a vital role in our diets, however, too much or even the wrong [fat source] can cause implications over time, leading to obesity, diabetes, and many other chronic issues. The fats that you want to limit would be processed meats, fried foods, and trans fats. What’s important is to consume the right healthy fats that will aid your body and promote optimal functioning and health.


7 Keto Fats to Eat to help optimize your health:

This shortlist of quality fats is a nice variety to implement into your ketogenic eating regimen, but it’s not restricted to just these particular foods. There are [more options] once you start to feel comfortable with your meal prepping, preferences, and food organization.


1. Avocado – one of the country’s popular fruit used on many occasions. It contains vitamin E, B, and tons of fiber. It’s also a good source of carotenoid lutein which is supposed to help maintain healthy eyesight.

2. Fatty Fish – contains a sufficient amount of heart-healthy omega-3s. There are many fatty fish to choose from such as sardines, anchovies, but salmon seems to be popular and possibly the one with a higher vitamin D profile which is great for your immune system and bone health.

3. Eggs – a great source of protein and fat. The yolks contain selenium which has been noted to have some anti-cancerous properties. So scramble or boil those eggs and enjoy!

4. Coconut Oil – this remarkable nutty flavored oil is a great source of fat. It’s extremely versatile; you can cook and bake with it, or use it to make a DIY cosmetic concoction. This oil is beloved amongst many athletes and dieters because it contains a high percentage of

medium-chain fatty acids, which your body typically uses a vast majority for energy rather than storage.

5. Olive Oil – is a great choice to drizzle over salad, a delicate fish, or even use for a light sauté. Olive oil doesn’t have a high heat threshold and is important to note that the cook temperatures should remain lower than 325 degrees just to be safe. It has a high Vitamin E profile which makes it a pretty stable vegetable oil.

6. Hemp Seeds – are such a great source of omega-3s and its amino acid profile makes it’s an outstanding competitor amongst other protein sources. You can easily sprinkle a few seeds over salads or even add them to your smoothie.

7. Nuts and Seeds – incorporating them both in your dietary rotation will allow your body access to some amazing nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium just to name a few. They are a superior source of fatty acid and can also help with providing your body with some protein.



As we all know the keto diet is designed around fat and more importantly, healthy fats as the focus rather than the unhealthy sources. Avocado, Fatty Fish, Eggs, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Hemp Seeds, Nuts, and Seeds are just a few sources one can go to, to consume some healthy fats on their ketogenic diet.


As a healthy rule for yourself, just avoid deriving your fats from processed meats and fried foods. Stick with foods that are nutrient-dense and whole. Optimize your health with quality fats!