5 Powerful Strategies to Enhance Your Workouts

young woman exercising

When it comes to workouts, we want to get in, get out, and make the most of our time! The same goes for our research on said workouts. Today we’re keeping it short and sweet while talking about how to amp up your exercise routine. Check out these 5 powerful strategies to enhance your workouts and maximize your results.


Strategy #1: Speed it Up

As a wife and mom, I’m always pressed for time, so I tend to use supersets as a way to speed things up. A superset is two or more exercises performed back to back with little to no rest in between. I like to combine complementary muscle groups to really maximize my time!


For example, if I’m training upper body I might pair back and bicep exercises together or chest and tricep exercises together.


Supersets not only speed up your workout, but they increase the amount of calories your burning during and after the session too. It’s a win win.


Strategy #2: Slow it Down

Now, you might be thinking “Wait, didn’t she just tell me to speed it up?” yes, but slowing down exercises can have a great impact as well!


We can’t go all out all the time. Slowing things down will improve your mind muscle connection. When you do that, you’ll be more aware of your form and be able to complete movements properly.


Visualize raising and lowering a dumbbell during a bicep curl, I can feel the burn just thinking about it!


Strategy #3: Pulse it Out

You might not expect a lot from this tiny movement at first, but pulsing isolates all your stabilizer muscles.


Here you’re going to be moving just a few inches above and below the most challenging point of the movement.


For example, if I’m training lower body, I might incorporate pulse squats to isolate the muscles in my quads.


Strategy #4: Hold Tight

Holding exercises also known as isometric exercises are a safe, low impact technique to tone your entire body.


Holding movements are great for building strength because they help strengthen your tendons and ligaments, keeping you injury free.


Think of exercises like wall sits, planks, or handstands… it only takes about 20 seconds for the challenge to begin!


Strategy #5: Focus on Form

Last but not least, be intentional and focus on your form the entire time.


We’ve all had those workouts where we just go through the motions.


The goal when focusing on form is to workout more efficiently so that you can channel your energy into the movements that really make a difference.


Ready to challenge yourself with some of these strategies? Give the Rapid Warrior Workout below a try!






Round 1:

  • Toe taps (speed it up)
  • Scissor kicks (slow it down)
  • Pulse Squats (pulse it out)
  • Planks (hold tight)
  • Push-Ups (focus on form)

Round 2:

  • Mountain climbers (speed it up)
  • Bicycle crunches (slow it down)
  • Pulse lunges (pulse it out)
  • Hollow Hold (hold tight)
  • Sit-ups (focus on form)