5 Fast Food Keto Options on the Road

With the Summer approaching and as the world begins to open back up many people are hitting the roads again, and that means more eating out. Contrary to popular belief, eating out doesn’t have to be full of bad choices. So, where can you find good fast food options? Well, I might have some healthy options and ideas that you might be interested in.


Shrewd Food lovers welcome back! I’m Tito Dudley, also known as [Chef T] https://www.instagram.com/officialcheft/, and today we’re going to find some healthy on-the-go keto options for you and your family.


When it comes to anything fast food let’s admit that it does have a pretty bad rap… from high sodium levels, poor quality choices, and ingredients, there really aren’t a lot of options on the road that help to keep our bodies in good health. Personally, I don’t seek out fast food often, for this main reason, but if I’m on the road, well then I kind of have no choice… that is until now!


In general, fast food can become addicting due to the high levels of sugar and fat found in most of the common options. When your body is in desperate need of fueling up, sugar is always a tempting choice since your body utilizes it right away for energy. Sugar is a fast way to fuel your body after being depleted, and because of that, our bodies love it! Now, sugar has its place in our diets, but in moderation like anything else in life, but this is a whole other topic. If someone has a behavior issue with overconsuming sugar then you might want to be extra careful and mindful with your choices.


Overall if the sugar consumption is high, it can start altering your body’s natural balance, and possibly disrupting your healthy gut bacteria, and that’s when the problems start to begin. Immunity begins in the gut, so this is exactly what we want to avoid, but don’t worry, I have a list of guidelines [https://www.ketoconnect.net/5-keto-fast-food/] that can be helpful when it comes to choosing your foods wisely in a fast-food restaurant environment.


5 Fast Food keto tips and tricks:


  1. Avoid sugary drinks and drink lots of water instead, as that will help to keep you full and stay hydrated.
  2. Say no to margarine and vegetable oil, and don’t be afraid to ask what fats are used in cooking the food. I prefer to lean towards avocado oil, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil… but don’t beat yourself up if you choose the wrong fat or had to have it because it was the only option. This one may be trickier on the road, but definitely worth it to ask.
  3. Be very careful when it comes to dressings, condiments, and sauces, and boy do I love my sauce! Many of the ones you may find can be high in sugar. So, make sure to politely ask for no sauce (the preferred option), or a small portion on the side so that you are in control of the portion size. If you’re eager to top your food with something then try hot sauce, yellow mustard or some ketchup, to help satisfy that craving. Just monitor the ketchup intake because of the sugar levels… yes even ketchup can catch you off guard. So, getting a single small back is always better than the ketchup bottles/pumps, as that’s where it’s very easy to go a little crazy and overdo it, and yes that includes me too! 🙂
  4. Choose salads because they are a great way to get essential fiber in, which helps with cleaning out the colon. Try your best to use clean & simple oil and vinegar for your dressing.
  5. Avoiding the bread might seem hard because it’s everywhere and who doesn’t love bread! This also goes for croutons. A great option would be to ask for a lettuce wrap. This is my preference but if all else fails at least monitor the portion. A little crunch on top of the salad is nice too. Try to lean towards some nuts, seeds, or even a  Shrewd Food [https://shrewdfood.com/product/protein-puffs/variety-pack-s0/] snack to replace the croutons for that delicious crunch!


On the bright side, over the last few years, there has been a huge push in the food industry to provide healthier options and alternatives for various lifestyles and dietary restrictions. So I guess it’s fair to say that there are more options for the variety of eaters nowadays. Either way, everyone’s dietary needs are completely different from one another, and right now I want to make sure you’re taken care of when you hit the road to explore the finest parts of this country, all while staying healthy at the same time. What could be better! Below you will find 5 keto options at some of the most popular fast food places.


5 Fast Food Keto Options and what to buy:


  1. Starbucks – they’re easy to find and provide many low-carb options as well. Their unsweetened hot or iced coffee (without the sugary syrup) would do you right. Having a cold brew is also another great option as well. Coffee itself isn’t bad, it’s all of the sugars/fats that we add that bring the calories way up. So be mindful and watch what you add to your cup-a-joe and how much. If you’re a milk/sugar person, cutting back can be tricky, but do it in small steps to adjust your palette. Some may choose to use liquid stevia; so feel free to try it if drinking black coffee is too strong.
  2. Taco Bell – here you want to stick with the bowl options to maintain your healthy low-carb diet, and don’t forget to add some healthy fats – such as guacamole. A taco salad can be another good option, without rice, beans, and taco shells. You can also check to see if cauliflower rice is offered, as that’s a perfect substitute for rice.
  3. Wendy’s – few options that can fit into your diet are as such: peppercorn mushroom melt without the bun, the breakfast baconator without the bun, or a caesar salad with no croutons. These are all options you can pick from.
  4. McDonald’s – I feel like you can find this fast-food restaurant everywhere you go! And believe it or not, they have some options you may like. The bacon or sausage, with egg and cheese, can be a good pick- just without the English muffin or biscuit. A bunless burger with no bun or ketchup is another option, and you can’t go wrong with a grilled chicken lettuce wrap sandwich either. There are some salad options as well just be careful with the dressing.
  5. Burger King – A Bacon King, Sausage Egg and Cheese, and a whopper can all work without the bun or croissant of course… and no ketchup too.


Let’s wrap it up!


Traveling can make any diet difficult to follow. Using some of the guidelines, listed above, will help you to maintain a keto lifestyle while still enjoying the outdoors. If you’re not traveling but are simply taking a break from the kitchen these healthier alternatives can be helpful as well. Lastly, remember to keep consuming healthy fats, quality veggies, and protein on the ketogenic diet, and eat healthy!