Mini Cheesecake Bites 

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but in this case, you can! These Mini Cheesecake Bites are protein-packed treats you are sure to love! Shrewd Food Protein Cookies are used for the cheesecake crust in this recipe to keep it high in protein and a full serving of fruits and vegetables. The crust combined with the top layer (made…

Cabbage & Pomegranate Salad 

This delicious and refreshing take on a salad, featuring a favorite fruit of the season – pomegranate! Pair with your favorite dressing and Of course, Shrewd Food Protein Croutons.     INGREDIENTS:  – Lettuce – White and red shredded cabbage – Parmesan Herb Protein Croutons from @shrewdfoodco – Pomegranate             By Armelle Dee – @savourous