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1g sugar, gluten free, non gmo, peanut free, kosher dairy
shrewd food keto dippers milk chocolate flavor

Crispy & delicious high protein cookies.

Bakery fresh, bite-sized and scrumptious. Made with 1 billion probiotics & prebiotics.

shrewd food keto dippers milk chocolate flavor

Eat your heart out.

More Chocolate. More Crunch. More Fun.

shrewd food keto dippers milk chocolate flavor
shrewd food keto dippers milk chocolate flavor
Shrewd Food protein croutons

The healthiest part of the salad is finally here.

Our low carb, high protein croutons are bursting with flavor to liven up your salads.

Rich chocolate-covered protein puffs that will melt your heart.

Macros of a protein bar packed in magical bite-sized fun.

shrewd food keto dippers milk chocolate flavor

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protein puffs variety pack

Protein Puffs Variety Packs – 12 Single Serving Bags

Protein Puffs Variety Pack- All Flavors
12 Packs of 0.74Oz bag

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Includes 2 bags of each flavor. Our best seller brick oven pizza, our cheesy baked cheddar, the flavourful sriracha cheddar, cookies and cream, strawberry and cream, and our crunchy croutons

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Our Line of Products

We have all different products and flavors to satisfy your crunch. We have 5 lines of products ranging from the most-loved protein puffs to the newest line, protein dippers, and keto dippers. Our crunchy and satisfying protein puffs come in 7 awesome flavors: Brick Oven Pizza, Baked Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, Sriracha Cheddar, Strawberries & Cream, and Cookies & Cream! In addition to our delicious Protein Puffs, we have Protein Croutons in the zesty Parmesan-Herb flavor. For the shrewd chocoholics out there we’ve created the decadent Protein Dippers which are offered in 2 rich, chocolatey flavors: dark chocolate and milk chocolate. To satisfy the Shrewd cookie lover in you, we now have 2 protein cookies with impressive stats that are offered in two amazingly yummy flavors: oat & chip and oat & berry. Through our newest addition to the functional food category,  we have also crafted a new product line for those following a ketogenic way of life! Our Keto Dippers come in 2  mouthwatering flavors: dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Check out all these flavors and explore all of our products. Choose a category you love and start shopping!

shrewd food protein puffs brick oven pizza flavor bag

Protein Puffs

shrewd food protein croutons bag

Protein Croutons

shrewd food protein dippers bag

Protein Dippers

shrewd food keto dippers bag

Keto Dippers

shrewd food protein cookies oat and chip flavor bag

Protein Cookies

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